Have you ever created a brand board? Or a mood board?
If not, I encourage you to design one for your business.
W H Y ?
Creating visual boards for your business will help with cohesive branding.
Cohesive branding ensures consistency in your brand no matter which platforms you’re using.
Your brand will stand out and be recognizable.

Let’s talk about a brand board.

A BRAND BOARD is our visual roadmap for how to use your brand. The KEY to branding is CONSISTENCY! If your brand has different fonts in your graphics, in your logo, in your ads, etc no one is going to be able to recognize YOUR BRAND.
A brand board contains the following elements:
Alternative Logos
Color Palette

The brand board makes a great reference for your company materials. Every platform you have for your business, should have the exact font combo, color palette, and logo. For creatives like me, it may get monotonous, but be disciplined! I promise the hard work and consistency will pay off once your audience starts recognizing your unique branding.

Now let’s talk about a MOOD BOARD.
Mood boards are fun to put together so have fun designing it.
This is where you will put your inspirations in.

The mood board captures the vibe of your brand.
Choose a few adjectives that describe your brand best and choose specific images to fit your mood board.
If you have a hard time picking out adjectives,
I did a quick google search and stumbled upon this site
that gives a list of brand adjectives to choose from.

Post your visual brands on your website to show off your professionalism.
I guarantee it will be a game changer for your business.

Happy designing!

If you need help with a brand board or a mood board contact me using the contact form here or email me at!

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